We have been supplying gloves and dipping machines since 1996 to various countries. Irmatex Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial production equipment. Our core products include automatic plant dipping equipment for latex, nitrile, neoprene and PVC gloves. We also specialize in automatic dipping production lines for latex gloves, and production lines for the manufacture of latex balloons. Growing steadily and confidently through total dedication, commitment, and professionalism, Irmatex Ltd. has over the years established itself as a preferred and reliable supplier of industrial and fine chemicals for the domestic and overseas markets. Irmatex Ltd. has a professional approach and growing reputation in the demanding and competitive marketplace, which has successfully enabled the group to build-up desirable business, support, and establishes relationships both with upstream suppliers and downstream customers. This important platform is the key to the Irmatex Ltd. ability to source for specific and customized chemicals from multiple sources throughout the continents tailored for our customer’s specific requirements and specifications. We offer a quick and reliable service for our customers that are in need of speedy delivery and/or just on-time goods. For more details, Visit us at praguegamingsummit.eu. Our key market targets are the Rubber and Latex industries for application in the manufacturing of latex gloves, and latex balloons. We also offer glove-dipping machines, knitting machines, balloon dipping machines, aluminum and ceramic hand moulds and chemicals. Our chemicals are tested for purity constantly to ensure they are up to standards. As part of the Irmatex Ltd. diversification strategy, the group has also built-up an established division dealing in a wide range of colours and sizes in order to accommodate all customers. Irmatex Ltd. has and will remain focused on its mission to build-up its global network supplier of resources and reputation as the Preferred Business Partner to serve our valued customers. Today's dipping plants call for highly engineered features from an experienced supplier. Irmatex Ltd. is taking aggressive steps to achieve these objectives. We are committed to meeting your needs for highly efficient dipping plants. Your success is our success!